Tommy Caywood is a founding member of the Agri-Business Council of Arizona. He grew up in Casa Grande, Arizona and also the town of Globe. He studied agriculture at the University of Arizona until joining the Navy and serving during World War II. He has been heavily involved in water and agricultural issues while working his own farm. He served 17 years as the secretary-treasurer for the Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District, Pinal County. Tommy was also involved in the creation of Electrical District No. 1 (ED 1) and served as Chairman for a time. ED1 eventually became part of ED3. He is the current secretary-treasurer for Casa Grande’s Industrial Development Authority, which he joined in 1979. He also serves on the Government Affairs Committee for the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Eleven Mile Corner Gin. He serves as a member of the ABC Executive Committee and is the H2Open Golf Committee Chairman. He is currently teaching and working with his grandson, Travis Hartman and other family members on the family farm.

Tommy Caywood