From the Ditchbank

Newsletter of the Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona

​3rd Quarter 2018

President's Message

By Tom Davis 

This summer has passed by too fast.  Like most of you, I am behind on accomplishing most of the projects I had planned for the summer.  I hope business is good and that you are having a profitable year. 

Let me fill you in on a few things we are currently involved in.  You’ll also want to check Executive Director, Chris Udall’s report in this edition to get a more detailed update of ABWC’s activities.

I will be speaking at the WESTCAS annual meeting in Mesa later this month.  WESTCAS is an organization of water and wastewater providers in the southwestern states.  Most of the towns and cities in Arizona are members.  This gives me the opportunity to describe ABWC’s membership, purpose, and mission. I will also explain our involvement in state and federal level legislation and our involvement in representing and protecting our members during the ongoing drought on the Colorado River system.

We are closely monitoring the discussions and plans that are occurring in the Governor’s “Steering Committee” for the implementation of the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan (LBDCP).  Most all of you will be impacted in some way by the legislation and implementation of this plan.  The major priorities appear to be: ensuring the water supply for Pinal County agriculture and Tribal Intentionally Created Surplus or ICS.  A tier 1 shortage will be implemented if Lake Mead levels drop below elevation 1,075 feet on January 1st of any year.  At the appropriate time, we will develop a position supporting our members’ needs regarding the LBDCP.  We expect a roll-out of Arizona’s DCP during the Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA) conference, December 12-14 in Las Vegas.

Along with the CRWUA conference in December, ABWC and the Arizona Department of Agriculture will hold its 4th Annual, “Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable” on Monday, December 10th at the Salt River Project’s PERA facility in Tempe.  I encourage you to register and attend; we are putting together another great agenda.  For more information, please call Kathy in our office at 480-558-5301 or check our website at  The theme for this year’s Roundtable is, “What is the Future of Arizona Agriculture?  The Good, the Bad & the Unknown.”

Also, in this edition, under our Executive Director’s Report, you will find ABWC’s written “NO” position on Proposition 127.

Thank you for your membership.  I value your support and hope to see and visit with you at some of our future events.

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