President's Message

​By Tom Davis

Greetings ABWC members and friends.  With the new Trump Administration, 2017 will bring many sweeping changes to our business.  It is going to be very interesting to respond to all the opportunities and challenges ahead.  So far the confirmation process for filling the President’s Cabinet and related federal positions has been very slow and contentious.  We expect many executive orders and legislation taking the federal government in a different direction than the past eight years.  We will see a lot of new legislation reflecting campaign promises, and many very contentious exchanges at legislative hearings and town halls throughout the country.  As for our Association, we will strive to work with all elected officials to educate and promote sound and reasonable policies for water use and agribusiness in Arizona and beyond.  ABWC will continue to advocate for our member’s interests at the national level through our affiliation with the National Water Resources Association and the Family Farm Alliance. 

I know many of you attended the recent Water Resources Research Center’s, 2017 Annual Meeting in Tucson.  The theme was: “Irrigated Agriculture In Arizona; A Fresh Perspective”.  I want to congratulate Dr. Sharon Megdal and her staff for a great job in producing such a timely, informative and well-attended conference.  This is what we have come to expect from Sharon and her crew.  ABWC helped sponsor this event and assisted in developing the theme and agenda.  The conference was well attended with about 350 registrants and it did a great job emphasizing the importance of agribusiness and agricultural water use to both Arizona’s and the nation’s future.  Many of ABWC members were speakers.  Dr. Shane Burgess gave the most simple and functional definition of water “as the necessary and irreplaceable medium for converting sunlight into life”.

Be sure and mark your calendars and plan to attend our upcoming Annual Meeting and Water conference, scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2017 at the Salt River Project’s PERA Club.  We will review a snapshot of our 2017-18 anticipated water supply, what to include in the new Farm Bill and what our producers want to see the new administration include immigration and labor reform.  I hope to see all of your there.


From the Ditchbank

Newsletter of the Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona