President's Message

By Tom Davis

The summer is passing by too fast.  The next Executive Committee meeting will be August 18th at Hon-Dah in the cool pines where there will undoubtedly be a lot to discuss about water and agribusiness issues. 

The spring summit of the Arizona Mexico Commission (AMC) was recently held in Phoenix on June 1-2.  Governor Doug Ducey and Sonoran Governor, Claudia Pavlovic are very supportive and involved in what's happening at the AMC.  Executive Director, Chris Udall is the private sector co-chair of the Agribusiness & Wildlife Committee and serves with Department of Agriculture Director, Mark Killian, who serves as the public sector, co-chair.  Chris was unable to attend this meeting so I served as co-chair on his behalf.  The major discussion and action items involved streamlining the process to reduce time crossing livestock and produce across the border and the terrible state of disrepair of facilities at the Nogales, Arizona border crossing.  A list of action items that need to be accomplished will be prepared and a Joint Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared for the signing by both governors at the next AMC meeting this December in Hermosillo, Sonora.  Chris will be back at the helm at that meeting.

On June 14th, I testified before the Senate Water and Power subcommittee, chaired by U.S. Senator Jeff Flake.  I had prepared testimony and traveled to Washington, DC at the request of the Senator on May 10th.  However, no Senate hearings were conducted on May 10-12 because hearings were blocked by the Senate Minority Leader.   June 14th was the second attempt.  I flew into Washington late on June 13th, turned on the television in my Hotel the next morning to see Senator Flake being interviewed on the baseball field in Virginia where the shooting of the  Republican baseball team members had just occurred.  I fully expected the hearing to be delayed again but it took place and was chaired by Senator Hoeven of North Dakota.  Senator Flake was fully occupied that day with the shooting investigation.

I testified in favor of S 930, the Western Power Administration Transparency Act and S 677, the Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act.  I expect both bills to pass the Senate this session.  Both have companion bills in the House.

Lastly, I'll mention that a number of our Executive Committee members have been appointed to the Governor's Water Work Group.  This process is going to get very interesting and may result in many changes in Arizona water administration.  This process will continue through November and we'll keep you posted.

Remember, it's time to start getting commitments from Arizona folks to attend the National Water Resources Association Annual meeting in Tucson, November 15-17th at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.  We need a large turnout from Arizona.  Hope to see you there.

2nd Quarter 2017 Edition of ABWC Newsletter

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​2nd Quarter 2017