George Fletcher is the Founder, CEO and President at Replenishment Services, LLC., a water resources consultancy.  George provides consulting expertise to clients relating to water resources issues including acquiring supplies for future needs, managing existing supplies, addressing water rights related issues including updating and/or improving the quality of documentation, negotiating contracts relating to water supply acquisitions and sales, assisting with Assured Water Supply applications and compliance issues, providing training and instruction in the water resources planning and management discipline, and other related water resources matters.

George has served on a number of committees over his career, including serving in the past as the Vice-Chair of the Municipal Caucus of the National Water Resources Association.  His expertise includes a thorough knowledge of Arizona water law and water resources management practices.  George’s reputation is one of innovation – his career has been built on finding solutions to challenging water supply issues that have reduced costs for his clients, almost always benefitting multiple parties, and receiving favorable results both politically and administratively among government officials and agencies as well as water users.

George has been operating as Replenishment Services since 2006.  His career began in 1979 at the Arizona Water Commission, which became the Arizona Department of Water Resources in 1980 after passage of the Groundwater Management Act, developing the techniques for verifying and investigating water rights claims in Arizona’s water rights adjudications.  He has worked for a law firm, local and international consulting firms, and served as the City of Tempe’s first full-time water resources manager. He has worked with representatives of virtually every major sector of Arizona’s industry with respect to water resources issues, and has served as a lobbyist at the local, state, and federal levels.

George has an Associate of Arts degree equivalency in Geology from Phoenix Community College, a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Wildlife Biology and a Master’s degree in Agribusiness and Environmental Resources from Arizona State University.