During his 30-year tenure with the District, Mr. Betcher has had primary responsibility for managing the District’s water resources consisting of groundwater wells and CAP water, along with overseeing its operation and maintenance field personnel.

Mr. Betcher has had the opportunity to serve on many committees representing water interests in Pinal County and in particular, irrigated agriculture.  He served on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Governor’s 2004 Water Commission, participated in CAP’s ADD Water program, represented agricultural interests related to proposed EPA rules for NGS, and was a member of the ad hoc committee working with ADWR and CAP for State-wide planning for future recovery of stored CAP water. More recently he has been asked to speak on behalf of Pinal County CAP irrigated agriculture’s preparations for drought and shortage. He was recently appointed to the Executive Committee of the Agribusiness and Water Council of Arizona.

Brian Betcher
General Manager
Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District