Our purpose is to protect the interests of Arizona's irrigated agriculture and agribusiness industry. We actively promote water quality, conservation, rights, and management.  
Each year the Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona hosts an Annual Business Meeting and Water Conference. This meeting is one of three major events sponsored by ABWC each year in support of the entire agriculture community in Arizona.

* We would like to invite you to participate as one of our sponsors this year. A donation of $550 would be greatly appreciated. For your donation your company will be recognized at the meeting and your logo or company name will appear on invitations and advertisements associated with the event. We would also love to have you join us; one registration is included with each sponsorship.
* We have plenty of vendor space available if you would like to set up an exhibit. The cost for that if you also purchase a sponsorship is an additional $100.
* For a vendor space only the cost is $200. One registration is also included with that.

Annual Meeting

2017 Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona's
Annual Meeting & Water Conference
Trumping Arizona Ag

Friday, May 19th, 2017 at SRP's PERA Club was the date of ABWC's Annual Meeting. The speakers were excellent and informative. They addressed alterations that are happening with the new administration and the resultant changes in regulations; also addressed were topics critical to water and agriculture in Arizona. The food was excellent; it was a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best people in agribusiness.

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2017 Annual Meeting and Water Conference