The Agribusiness Roundtable is a collaborative effort by the Arizona Department of Agriculture and the Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona, Inc. It is not an organization that will supersede or replace any current organization. This meeting was intended to develop a “collective,” proactive point of view about Arizona’s future.

Agribusiness is a vast support structure that forms one of the largest economic segments on this planet. It is a significant contributor to the gross domestic product of every country on this globe. It is a huge and essential industry, yet in the eyes of many, it is invisible.

This meeting is for ranchers, farmers, agribusiness bankers, investors and finance people, equipment suppliers, feed suppliers, seed and crop protection services, crop and livestock support services, energy providers, water providers, veterinarians, and other agribusinesses.

Registration and Sponsorship Information will be Communicated Soon!

2018 Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable

The 2018 Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable was a great success! Great speakers, good food and networking. We had a distinguished panel of journalists who spoke; Under Secretary Ted McKinney was our special guest speaker; and other eminent speakers addressed the topics of Trade, Ag Labor, and Consumer Trends. 

Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable